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Flame On :: Drag is the New Spandex Giant-Size #1 :: Chantel Rashae

Posted by Bryan on September 26, 2013

FlameOn_DitNS_Chantel_Reshae_thumbnailSpinning off from Flame On’s regularly scheduled recordings, Oral, Bryan and Pat are delving into the glitzy world of drag and peek behind the curtain of illusion to see what makes these queens tick! From their origins, to the first time that they donned the wig and tights, to what the future holds for them, sit back and listen to these amazing stories! Our first guest is a staple of Orlando drag culture. Chantel Reshae grew up a geeky kid in the mid-west and has blossomed into a dazzling entertainer, choreographer, pageant queen and role model for aspiring drag queens! Opening up and not holding anything back, prepare yourself to hear the nitty gritty straight from her lips!

P.S.- No sequins were harmed in the making of this podcast!

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