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Episode 153 :: Marvel Movie Multiverse

Posted by NerdyShow on August 26, 2013

ep153 300Things are getting weird for Marvel movies.  Word is out that the franchises licensed to Fox ( X-Men and Fantastic Four) exist in a shared universe, but allegedly that doesn’t mean anything.  Meanwhile, one mutant is set to appear in both the upcoming X-Men: Days of Future Past film and Avengers 2. That mess doesn’t even include Spider-Man and the other un-accounted for Marvelites.

In this episode,  Cap, Doug, Josh, and Matt try to make sense of it all.  Do the X-Men films have a shared continuity, or has it been changed? If there could be a crossover between just two studios’ Marvel properties – who would we pick? Who would we want to play Venom? And what are there ties between the new Thor film and Planet Hulk? We ask these questions and more – Plus we speculate on the recently-announced Marvel Experience, a cutting-edge touring event that promises to do the impossible. And yes, we share our thoughts on the recent announcement that Ben Affleck will play Batman. Seriously, how could we not?


  1. Venomous Ideology :: Wordburglar
  2. Sequential Art :: Kabuto the Python



  • huduvudu

    Bruce Willis DID in fact voice a raccoon in the 2006 film Over the Hedge…

    That said, can I just get something off my chest I’ve been feeling for a long time? I love Doug’s character voices.

    • Cap

      You hear that @seven? You’ve got a fan! Move voices, hoss!

      • Doug

        Hahaha! Thanks @huduvudu. Glad I’m not just entertaining myself.

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