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Episode 151 :: Microsode – Great Rivalries

Posted by NerdyShow on August 12, 2013

ep151 300Many of the greatest stories of all-time are founded on rivalries: two forces constantly at odds with one another.  Mortal enemies, frenemies, siblings… we scour all of pop culture and reality to share our favorite rivalries. Hook vs. Pan, Coke vs. Pepsi, Wolverine vs. everyone… the list goes on.

Join Cap, Hex, Doug, Kristin, and Jon for a pop culture-laden journey into heated debates, mortal feuds, and folks you love to hate. Thanks to BigBadShadowMan for requesting this topic!




  • Matasm

    When you were going over the villians for the Flash (My all time favorite) I was practically yelling in the office “What about Reverse Flash?” A man so obsessed with Barry Allen, he traveled back in time with the intention of making him a better hero by systematically ruining his life.

    • Cap

      Ah. You’re so right. Was it too painfully obvious for my brain to recognize? Maybe Zoom was vibrating a finger in my brain making me forget.

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