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The Hex Grid :: Nerdapaseries 1 :: Schaffer the Darklord

Posted by Hex on July 16, 2013

thumbAfter a bit of a nap, the Hex Grid is back! Just in time for Nerdapalooza! As this is the first time the Hex Grid has been around for the festival, I’ve decided to do a new fun thing: an interview series! Building up to Nerdapalooza, I’ll be pulling in some of the musicians featured at the event to talk about Nerdapalooza past, present, and future!

This week we’re kicking it off with Schaffer the Darklord! Not only is Schaffer a phenomenal performer and a returning performer at the event, but Schaffer is one of the very few performers that has been to every event since the first major event in 2008. Listen to Schaffer as he regales you with tales from past Nerdapaloozas as well as a little bit of the dark history of this Darklord!


  1. Mr. Spock :: Nerf Herder
  2. Dentist! :: Schaffer the Darklord
  3. Gotta Catch ‘Em All :: Powerglove
  4. Galactica :: Adam WarRock
  5. Birdhouse in your Soul :: They Might Be Giants
  6. Contra :: MoonHooch
  7. Gobble, Snarf, Snap (The Phantom Train) :: XPRTNovice


  1. Video of Dentist! Performance by Schaffer the Darklord


  • ChairFan

    Starting at about 9 minutes there are a few minutes without Hex’s half of the conversation. Just thought I’d mention it

    • ChairFan

      Oh and by the way, Hex you rock for playing FF6 remixes!

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