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Episode 139 :: Microsode 2-Pack – MechWarrior & Sci-Fi / Fantasy

Posted by NerdyShow on May 27, 2013

ep139 300What’s that you smell?  Is it the distinct scent of machine oil and dragon farts? It just might be!

Nerdy Show is serving up another double-stack of Microsodes and we’re talkin’ ’bout giant robots and all those times where sci-fi and fantasy get freaky on each other.  First, Cap Brandon, Jonna, Tony, and Luke discuss the universe of MechWarrior and Battle Tech – the books, the games, its origins, and the new MechWarrior Online – brought to you by Nerdy Show listener Trench88.

Then, BigBadShadowMan wanted to know what our favorite meldings of sci-fi and fantasy are, so Cap and Tony joined up with Doug, Adam, Josh, and Nina of Ghostbusters: Resurrection to discuss that infamous “double mumbo jumbo”.  What qualifies as sci-fi/fantasy?  What doesn’t? Why are there two Microsode 2-Packs back-to-back?!  Find out!


  1. Wawoow! Training Exercises :: lasombra
  2. Gravity Falls 2.0 :: Adam WarRock


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  • TheBigBadShadowMan

    I like this episode and how both parts you talk a little bit of warhammer 40K.

    also Cap you only got one thing wrong about the sh?bijin they are more Polynesia

    also Adam is wrong too Mothra first showed up in the serialized novel The Luminous Fairies and Mothra which then lead to the movie “Mothra”

    • Cap

      MOTHRA WAS A BOOK FIRST!? Seriously, I had no idea.

      • TheBigBadShadowMan

        the bad part is I can’t find a copy and if I did wouldn’t be able to read it because it would be in Japaness

  • Noskcaj.Llahsram

    One of my favourite SciFi/Fantasy video games is a RPG PC game from, I think, the late 90’s called Septerra Core: Legacy of the Creator. Long plot short the game takes place on a giant seven tier planet that functions as a giant computer, each ‘shell’ has a different theme, top is a scifi, 2nd is a punk/junk culture living off the garbage of the first, third is a medieval fantasy, 4 is at war with 5, 6 is a pirate world and seven is an mutant/alien jungle. Plot was a well executed basic quest to stop the villain from getting the power of god, but the write was punchy with good group dynamics

    • Cap

      DUDE. That sounds awesome! I want to do that! Looking forward to the next time fans get to pitch us RPGs to do shows of.

  • Arctic Banana

    The terrible MechWarrior game was called “MechWarrior 3050″ for the SNES, and “Battletech” for the Sega Genesis. You moved with the d-pad and turned your torso with the L and R buttons. In 2-player mode one player was the driver and the other was the gunner. It wasn’t really all that terrible once you got the hang of it, though the plot was pretty much “go here, blow this up, rescue that guy, blow those things up, start the next level, repeat”.

    The book about the Orcs is called “Grunts”. It is a pretty entertaining read.

    • Cap

      Thanks for the fact checking, dude! That control scheme actually sounds pretty cool to me. But I can see an angry kid gamer being all like – weird control scheme? Not in my house! Also Grunts, awesome – I never heard back from @Tony. That naughty boy.

  • Garayur

    Great episode! I played several Mech Warrior games myself and I always enjoyed them. I don’t remember which one but one of them had arena matches and I loved those, especially with the smaller mechs, They don’t hit hard but they are fast buggers. I don’t know how you guys managed to forget Adventure Time! in the Sci fi/Fantasy microsode though.

    • Cap

      Gosh that’s so TRUE. It’s a sci-fi fantasy epic of the highest order. Fools we be.

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