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The Hex Grid :: Episode 013 :: Waterlogged

Posted by Hex on April 9, 2013

thumbWelcome to another episode of The Hex Grid! This time we have a theme… and it is water!! Why something as innocuous, banal, and straight up boring as water you ask? Well… it was just… I had this…. shut up! Don’t judge! Why don’t you come up with a reliable theme for a music podcast every other week?! Huh? Yeah, it’s not as easy as it looks!

I bring you eight crazy songs involving water, each one… um… wetter than the last. I just… I don’t know. I’m gonna just stop and let you listen to the damn episode already.


  1. T&C Surf Designs: Water and Wood Hurts :: J-Witz
  2. Donkey Kong Country: Submerged in Ambiance :: The Distortionist
  3. Labyrinth Zone :: Elfonso
  4. Jesus Gave Me Water (But What I Wanted was a PBR) :: Illbotz
  5. Water Temple :: Cory Johnson
  6. Ecco: The Tides of Time: Waves of Stone (ft. Moonlapse, OA) :: Level99
  7. Chronostep Suite 3- WubWater Palace :: DjRoboRob
  8. Water (Live at the Farewell Concert) :: Oingo Boingo
  • Arkais

    Cool idea, you should do a show for each of the elements!

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