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Pokéballs of Steelix :: Episode 3 :: Kanto We All Just Get Along?

Posted by NerdyShow on March 6, 2013

pokeballs 3 300Our Pokémon Tabletop RPG podcast, Pokéballs of Steelix returns! If you love Dungeons & Doritos, Pokémon, both, or possibly neither – you’ll be totally into this! Join game master Hex, and our crew of mismatched, inexperienced Poké-trainers as we quest through the Kanto region and beyond – 37 years after the original Pokémon series!

When last we joined our crew of would-be Pokémasters, they were on the road to Pewter City, and now… they’ve arrived!  But as usual, everything’s gone to Muk. The townsfolk are being shady, and the party’s friend Darin Kobe, who has the egg that Professor Ketchum left them, is still kidnapped! Upon checking into the local Poké Center, the always hungry ex-Ranger, Jumanji, Gary Oak enthusiast, Martin, 30-something delinquent, Jamesy, and Tark – the boy raised by Totodiles are at odds.  Will they be able to pull it together to find their friend?  Kanto we all just get along?


  1. Hope to See You Again Soon… (Pokemon Center) :: ProtoDome, Level 99


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 Nerdy Show’s Pokémon Character Sheets [Updated 3/2013]:

Jamesy Roquette :: Jumanji McGee

Martin Iuntiaughu :: Tark

  • LichLord

    Oh man, I’ve been waiting for this.

  • StarF

    Fantastically entertaining! I definitely went back to check out the episodes I had missed. Hope there’s more soon!

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