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Wicked Anime Podcast :: Episode 011 :: A Harem of Harems

Posted by Wonder-Twin on February 7, 2013

Wicked Anime Podcast 2Ah, love; so innocent, so pure – and the energies and emotions you have to wield to express it are immeasurable . . . and Japan is the only place in the world to prove that squids can express that too!  Wicked Anime is bringing you Valentine’s early this month as we dive head-first into the world of love, romance, and incidental boob touching!  Grab your significant other – this episode we talk about Poképorn, saving ALL the princesses and some more of that lovey-dovey crap!

Join Jonathan, Andrew, Dillon, Glitch and the lovebirds Victoria and James as they talk about what they’re currently watching and which anime couple makes us fangirl the hardest!





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  • MrJMir

    I think I’ve only seen two “Harem” shows, found I did not like the format. One I did not mind, just not to my tastes (Tenchi Muyo”, the other could have been somewhat entertaining if they had removed the main male character (Omamori Himari).

    I’ve actually been considering watching a romance series: His And Her Circumstances. Got pointed to it by an AMV a friend of mine showed me. Which leads me to wonder: will Wicked Anime ever tackle AMVs? I realize most are terrible, but some are not bad. I would share some of my favorites, but don’t want to be banned for spam.

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