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The Hex Grid – Episode 010 – How Do Podcast?

Posted by Hex on February 26, 2013

thumbSo, as things do, not everything went perfectly to plan with this episode as I’d like. I had a big fancy interview… and ponies… planned for everyone listening. At least one of those, whichever you think is plausible. Unfortunately, it got messed up, so instead all I have for you is this goofy image of me to apologize.

Oh… and a world premiere of a song! That’s right! The Grammar Club have a new album coming out and we get a sneak peek at a B-Side. So, not everything is bad. I guess I didn’t have to reveal how goofy I look at Marc with a C shows after all…


  1. Shoto Spirits :: Brothersynthe, The Duke, Trenthian
  2. Gravitate :: Oxygenstar
  3. Welcome to Rainbow Resort :: Select Start
  4. Ghosts of the Future :: Onslaught-Six
  5. Vampire Killer (Castlevania) :: Seattle Jazz Composers Ensemble
  6. Alone :: Will Post
  7. Super Mario World – Castle :: International Dub Ambassadors
  8. Biggest Dick :: The Grammar Club *EXCLUSIVE*


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