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Episode 125 :: New Ways to Die

Posted by NerdyShow on February 25, 2013

Some kinda temporal mess-up made our files all wonky! Still listenable, we just sound weird.

Anyhoo!  A it’s a full sci-tech episode.  Join Cap, Hex, Brian, Jon, and Jessica as we discuss some serious threats to our way of life.  First, the gang discusses Asteroid 2012 DA14, or “dare” as we call ‘em, and the Russian meteor that scientists insist had nothing to do with one another.  Can coincidence outweigh the opinions of astrophysicists?  Cap and Brian share the supposed sinister truths. Our quadrocopter-building tech rat, Jessica leads a discussion on drones and we speculate on possible cyberpunk applications.  All this and the global threat of automated hamburger machines. Be excited!


  1. Asteroid Run :: RushJet1
  2. Secrets from the Future :: MC Frontalot
  3. Bug Hunt (Noisia Remix) :: Skrillex



  • Arkais

    Dare is a much better name for an asteroid. DA-14 sounds like the name of some financial paperwork I had to fill out for the Army.

  • huduvudu

    It’s not quite Asteroid Run, but here’s a game where you, as a dinosaur, run away from their spaceborn extinction.

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