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The Hex Grid – Episode 008 – MAGFest 2013

Posted by Hex on January 29, 2013

The Hex Grid Episode 8The Hex Grid returns with Hex talking about his adventures at the beginning of month at MAGFest!

Listen to chosen tracks from the world class musicians from this year’s MAGFest’s lineup as Hex tells you about his experiences and hints at one of his upcoming projects.

  1. Win When? (ft. Professor Shyguy & brentalfloss) :: My Parents Favorite Music
  2. Hot Tea & Firmware Updates :: Dj CUTMAN
  3. Corona to Rigor [Chrono Trigger] :: Armcannon
  4. Where’s the Ocean, Andrew? :: Overclocked University
  5. Super Fighting Robot (MeGerman) :: The Megas
  6. Storm Eagle (Mike Dodd) :: MegaRan
  7. Glitch :: Danimal Cannon and Zef
  8. It Must Use Force (Kevin Villecco Dubstep Remix) :: Benjamin Briggs
  9. Tube Ride (Double Dragon 1 – Palace) :: Jake Kaufman
  10. Silent Running (On Dangerous Grounds) / Breaking Out (2012 Edit) :: The Protomen
  • Wage

    See, this makes me feel like a huge asshat. I live in Baltimore. Every year, I plan to go to MAGFest. Every year, Santa fleeces me dry and I just don’t have the scratch to do it properly. ARRRGH!

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