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Season 4 Episode 61 :: Microsode – Memetics

Posted by Hex on September 13, 2012

Ready to take an adventure… into your brain? Join Cap, Hex, Tony, Jon, and special guest and NLP Trainer, John La Valle, as they talk about Memetics, the study of what is commonly known on teh internets as memes. We talk about the life cycle of an idea and what makes them stick around for a while.

This episode is brought to you by ViralDemon from unlocking it from a previous donation drive. We had a lot of fun with it, so thank you ViralDemon for making that happen!


  1. Batman Maybe :: No Bat Stash


  • Kaosubaloo

    The Boss was not sterile.

    ===MGS3 Spoilers===

    She had a son during WW2, who was more or less stolen from her when he was born. The Sorrow was the father (who she also killed) and that son (it is heavily implied) up to be Ocelot.

    And now you know.

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