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Nerdy Show Prime: Nerdcore – Part 2

Posted by NerdyShow on March 8, 2012

We knew that our exploration of nerd music history would be lengthy, but we were surprised how deep the rabbit hole went. Recorded in one long sitting, dividing this episode into two parts was an on-the-spot decision.  You can tell it’s gotten late, ’cause we’ve gotten a little loopy.

Picking up where we left off –  our adventure through nerd music history continues up to the present and into the futureZ from Hipster, Please! and Wired’s GeekDad. makes a brief time-traveling appearance, while the battle-ready, Adam WarRock stays strong with Hex, Cap, and Triforce Mike on into the night.

Nerdy Show is proud to present the triumphant conclusion to “Nerdcore: The Past, Present, and Future of Nerd Music“. This episode features an EPIC group interview with some of the biggest names in Nerdcore: MC Lars, Random, K-Murdock, Tribe One, and Adam WarRock recorded during the Race Wars Tour.

Special thanks to: Anti Luke, Ross Butler, Big Bad Shadow Man, BlameTheWizards, lgolem, Flaninja, Sage0, Darren Reid, and Arkais who made this show possible with their generous support.

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  1. Hexidecimal Genome :: Bit Shifter
  2. Serenity :: Mustin Serenity (Final Fantasy VII) - Prelude
  3. Fantastic Four :: Dual Core feat. Beefy, YTCracker, and Wheelie Cyberman Fantastic Four (feat. Beefy, Ytcracker, Wheelie Cyberman) - Lost Reality
  4. Save Ginny Weasley [Live at Nerdapalooza '08] :: Harry and The Potters
  5. Nerdcore Rising [Live at Nerdapalooza '10] :: MC Frontalot feat. Random and Schaffer the Darklord
  6. Missing You (Electric Children Heartbreaker Remix) :: Trash 80
  7. Mega Manhood 3 :: Danimal Cannon
  8. Skullcrusher Mountain :: Jonathan Coultan Skullcrusher Mountain - Where Tradition Meets Tomorrow
  9. R.E.D. (Rage, Eviscerate, and Destroy) :: King Pheenix feat. Soup Or Villains
  10. Gotta Fly :: Marian Call Got to Fly - Got to Fly
  11. MLF :: Adam WarRock feat. Beefy, int eighty of Dual Core


  • OmniG-Sage0

    I wonder what AW thought of Galdap

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