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Toy Review: LEGO Executor

Posted by Hex on June 19, 2011

Earlier this week, Team Nerdy Show was given a press release from LEGO. I, for one, was a LEGO kid, and would have killed to have what I’m about to show y’all…

I remember when I first watched Empire Strikes Back, the moment I saw something eclipse a Star Destroyer, I then knew why the Executor, the Super Star Destroyer, was Darth Vader’s flagship. I geeked out a little bit just thinking about having that baby in my hands. They announced it July 17th to the press and it will be commercially available on September 1, 2011. But first, let’s gaze into it’s abyss…

Looking over the stats, it would measure out to 50 inches long (just over four feet!) and weigh 8 pounds. With 3,152 LEGO pieces, there’s a reason this thing has a recommended age rating of 16 and up. Pretty jazzed that it also comes with a Darth Vader, IG-88, Bossk, Dengar, and even Admiral Piett, my second favorite Imperial officer (after General Veers, who STOMPED at the Battle of Hoth… but I digress…).

The problem? The price. This thing has a suggested retail price between $400 and $500. Yowza! That’s pretty crazy. This kind of brings up my biggest complaint about LEGOs: the price! I don’t know if it’s now that I’m older and actually paying attention to pricing or if something has changed, but prices on LEGO models have been what have driven me away from LEGO models towards something like Minecraft. Truth be told? I’d rather keep the $400 and spend a few hours making a Star Destroyer on Minecraft…

If you ARE interested in getting your ever-loving mitts on it, you’ll be able to get it online over at the online LEGO shop or at LEGO Brand Retail Stores.


  1. I’m pretty sure that 50 inches is actually just over 4 feet

  2. Avatar of Hex

    DERP!! thanks for the math check ;)

  3. TWDindustries at June 20, 2011 at 1:34 pm

    assuming $500, it’s about 15.9 cents a brick. At 400, 12.7.

  4. I dont think the bricks are worth that much =P

  5. TWDindustries at June 20, 2011 at 6:24 pm

    from what I can tell by a 60 second amazon check, the most basic set you can get:
    yields a 4.6 cent a brick rate, so it comes to perceived value of specialty bricks, which this set is full of.

    I never owned LEGO (k’nex kid). I just wanted to do some division.

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