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E3 2011 Vidcast 16 :: Interview with TellTale Games’ Marty McFly: AJ Locascio

Posted by Cap on June 12, 2011

Last year, news swept the geek community that a PERFECT Marty McFly voice had been found. A then-unknown actor named AJ Locascio left a frantic voicemail as Michael J. Fox’s younger self and history was made. Locasico’s zero to 88mph success story has made him all kinds of internet famous, what’s more, he’s now the voice of Marty in TellTale Game’s official continuations to Back to the Future – You know that’s cool. In an attempt to steal all his secrets in coolness, we interviewed AJ “Cool Guy” Locascio when we met up with him at this year’s E3. What was life like before Marty? What NYC Biker Gang is he repping? All that and more, just hit play!

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  • K. Jak

    It’s cool that TellTale linked to this great interview, which is far more than what I can say for trash like Kotaku and Blistered Thumbs.

  • Cap

    @K. Jak

    I concur! Unbeknownst to most of the universe, we rock!

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