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Culture Minisode :: Epic Encounter

Posted by Hex on January 10, 2011

Sit down, old chap! Welcome to another culturally stimulating addition of the Nerdy Show culture minisodes! In this episode we have some great fun talking to some old friends of ours: the luscious Lefty Lucy of Epic Win Burlesque and her recent masquerading as a Muppet and the rowdy Random Encounter with their upcoming release that ought to turn a couple of heads. So uncork that Bordeaux, delicately slice that fine cheese, and settle in by the fireplace for another fine Nerdy Show Cultural Minisode.

Also, a BIG thank you to The Spork, who helped us out and mastered this episode for us, making it sound MUCH better! :D


  1. The Game Has Changed :: Daft Punk The Game Has Changed - TRON: Legacy (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
  2. Silver Age (Live) :: Adam WarRock & Tribe One
  3. Kids (Consequences Remix) :: Star Salzman
  4. Can You Picture That :: Dr. Teeth and the Electric Mayhem
  5. Millennial Faire :: Random Encounter *NERDY SHOW EXCLUSIVE*
  6. Bolatarian Syndrome :: Random Encounter *NERDY SHOW EXCLUSIVE*
  7. Climb My Mountain, This High :: Benjamin Briggs
  8. Suck My Wallet :: The Grammar Club


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  • Tolan

    Looking over this episode, the first thing I thought was, “wait, dr.teeth and the electric mayhem?! That’s awesome!” This episode is amazing and I haven’t even heard it yet. 

  • Ghouleh

    Epic Win Burlesque… Just… Epic Win Burlesque.

    The highlight, however, was the Random Encounter interview. They’re awesome.

  • OmniG-Sage0

    While we’re on Hensin chars. what about Dark Crystal and Labyrinth?

  • OmniG-Sage0

    Caps fop voice came out suspiciously like Galdap…. :D

  • Galdap


    Lies! Slanderous lies! I’ll rape you for that!

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