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OCAD Episode 47 – Nerdy Show Ruined my ReMixMas

Posted by NerdyShow on December 23, 2010

ocad overclockedOh hi, we didn’t see you come in. Are you the, uh, new butler? What’s that? You’re not interested in my inane holiday references? Okay, I’ll let Stevo of OCAD talk instead, he’s funnier anyhow:

“Ladies and gentlemen, this time of year is full of holiday spirit.  Even outside of the regularly celebrated holidays, we gamers are privileged to also get some days like Decemberween, Wintereenmas, and Game Day, along with slick deals right after Thanksgiving.  However, this year, Nerdy Show and OverClocked After Dark came together to try and make a new holiday: ReMixMas.  A day where we could pitch mixes, share stories, drink a little, and just enjoy what we love most with people we like.

It goes without saying that it went nothing like I had in mind.  It started off well but kinda ended with everyone getting excited over penis.  Yeah, you hear me right.  Well, listen to the wonderfully ridiculous first attempt at ReMixMas, it will definitely get you in some kind of jolly mood!  We wish you all a safe and happy end of December, happy new year, and we hope that we’ve made you chuckle at least once or twice during the last year…



It’s true!  We did ruin ReMixMas.  In our defense we weren’t trying to, it just kind of happened.  We Grinched this shit up.  Massive X-Mas deficiency.  NEXT TIME! Next time OCAD, we’re gonna record from the North Pole with enslaved elvish masseuses and inject each other with peppermint syrup. We’re gonna crack chestnuts on each other’s sculpted abs.  It’s gonna be intense.  Our Mas will be so Remixed, Jesus will be spinning the discs.

Also in this episode OCAD asked us what was up, so we tell ‘em! Current and future Nerdy Show projects get talked ’bout and other cool stuff such as the rarity of certain flavors in Doritodonia.  Also in this episode we announce a MINECRAFT CONTEST – the page will be up shortly with details, and no, it hasn’t started yet… but SOON.  So get your blocks ready!


OverClocked After Dark :: Episode 47 – Nerdy Show Ruined my ReMixMas


  1. Winter Sleep from Christmas NiGHTS into Dreams :: Naofumi Hataya & Tomoko Sasaki
  2. Do They Know It’s Crunchmas? :: Dungeons & Doritos
  3. Star Wars Christmas :: Sci-Fried & Marc With a C
  4. 1994 Spider-Man Theme :: Joe Perry
  5. Merry Something to You :: Devo  Merry Something to You - Gift Wrapped, Vol. II: Snowed In
  6. Stage 6 from Raiden II [Arcade] :: Go Sato


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